What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Irfan Manaf_no_id

    Irfan Manaf_no_id New Member

    well there's a pc case, keyboard, mouse, speaker, mic, and laptop. razer monitor would be very nice to complete the pc gear collection for everyone who have the other
  2. Kiyoxzx

    Kiyoxzx New Member

    I think a good efficient cpu from razer would be really cool. kind of like what origin does but with their own twist and design. i would pay good money to see that happen.
  3. Biblicalbilly13

    Biblicalbilly13 New Member

    A Sabertooth style controller for the Xbox One that can also work with PC.
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  4. RkLJackets

    RkLJackets New Member

    Maybe Like a gaming desk.
    Comes with like specific areas for speakers and such and even includes areas to run cables and stuff for cable managment.
  5. FreshG

    FreshG New Member

    Maybe this is something new about project Christine? Because you built it for the gamers who don't want to think about new hardware and focus on the games and fun. Thats a point where #FreeYourMind would fit.
  6. shortpower24

    shortpower24 Active Member

    Okay, a monitor seems to be a very popular idea among all the posts here so far, but I haven't seen much in the way of what would make it unique aside from Razer logo/green LEDs.

    How about a monitor with audio pass-through, including digital to analog conversion? That way, you can connect a game console, blu-ray player, or even a cable box to the monitor via HDMI and still be able to output the sound to your computer speakers (or Leviathan). No need to have a computer monitor and TV in the same room.
  7. The newest Naga but with the Molten Special Edition Style
  8. Creandyl

    Creandyl New Member

    Nabu and Razer Blade for Europe and maybe a Razer Monitor and the logo on the monitor glows
  9. DonJohnson69

    DonJohnson69 Member

    I'd like to see software to Keep being Sold on physical discs. I think too Many Software CompanieS are moving towards digital download when there are still a whole bunch of us who still dont have unlimited data to be downloading 30GB games with tons of Patches and updates. And its almost torture having to go sit at starbucks for half a day waiting for one or 2 games to fnish downloading. I already have way too many games that I haven't even played once yet because of huge updates or installing 4 GB off a disc only to find out there's another 8gb to download after that, or buying CoD: advanced warfare, and not being able to play the single player campaign until both single player AND multiplayer games are finished being downloaded. Plus having metered internet connectionsconnections probably means no multiplayer online gaming either.
  10. DonJohnson69

    DonJohnson69 Member

    Id also like to see something more portable kinda like the Edge or nvidia's shield tablet.
  11. New products are nice, but why don't you start with delivering your products all around the world? We feel very disadvanteged here in Europe because we simply do not have acces to your most awesome products. I suggest you guys do somthing about that!
  12. A Razer 144Hz G-Sync monitor or special Razer customized graphics cards!
  13. Create monitors with 4K resolution would be amazing. Another good idea would be to create wireless keyboards, for example, a wireless BlackWidow Chroma would be amazing !! I know for a blackwidow chroma permacer on for a long time, would necessario a good battery, but nothing you can not do. Another idea I have is that you bring the Razer to Brazil. You can also create a wifi router with a power well above the prevailing market rate.

    #Razer Always Overcoming Limits
  14. Vestieri

    Vestieri Active Member

    Next to 'normal' monitor (if there is any way a Razer product càn be normal), the #freeyourmind might just refer to a virtual reality experience by Razer? Maybe a start to a world which was epicly described by Tom Clancy in the Netforce series?
  15. 2good4hisowngood

    2good4hisowngood New Member

    Joystick, I just got the x-55 Rhino since Razer didn't have one.
  16. never thought bout a Razer monitor till these peeps brought it up, and i think that's a genius idea. it should at least 120 hz refresh rate, 27 inch screen size, G-Sync, 1ms response time, and 4k res (if possible at 120 hz).
    personally i have never bought an Razer blade before and i would absolutely love to get one IF they fix the temperature problem, and upgrade with an better CPU and GPU (best GTX 900 series). would be very cool if Razer implement an external GPU amp (like Alienwear, MSI, and Silverstone/Asus XG2 station) that uses an full GTX 980 graphics card (or any card of our choice) that could be pluged in to the new Razer blade 2015! either way very excited for Razer in CES and best wishes!
  17. tkluan

    tkluan New Member

    PROJECT CHRISTINE, Talon and Eidolon... But i need see one Oculus Rift Made By razer, With all acessories possible... Or one Google Glass made by razer... or Something Musical. no headphone, But one Guitar, Bass or Keyboard... Razer can make all invention, but better :3
  18. 882256810

    882256810 New Member

    Joistick monitor shoes and pants :D and gear will be full :D
  19. megatronends

    megatronends New Member

    I would love to see more products were you collaborate with other companies to provide RAZER design products like razer design gaming chair and stuff like that.

    Most importantly I would love to see more durability in the products. I love you products design and comfort but they lack durability. My products gets broken within an year. It might be my wrong handling but I am not careless with them too.
  20. Hempthusiast

    Hempthusiast New Member

    Razer Monitor and Gaming Chair and Love, I love you Razer.
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