What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. darkwing2010

    darkwing2010 New Member

    you should make razer gold like razer silver
  2. Blakeins7

    Blakeins7 New Member

    A Razer version of the trackball mouse, I have been gaming for over 25yrs and for over half of that I have used Logitech's trackball, I have Razer for everything else, I really would love to see a trackball version from Razer for people like myself who struggle with moving a regular mouse about, I know people think their slower but I have never once had any issues!
  3. cemsengul

    cemsengul New Member

    Razer please work with Samsung to create a QHD 240 HZ OLED laptop screen. I own the 2021 Razer Blade Advanced with the OLED 4K screen and I absolutely love it. I am disappointed in the 2022 models since they do not have an OLED option. I will not upgrade to a newer laptop from Razer in the future if they do not offer an OLED screen again. 2K is the sweet spot for graphics and frames per second but a dim matte IPS LED backlit display is a clear downgrade from an OLED screen that you offered before. Whoever releases a QHD 240 HZ OLED laptop is going to make a lot of money because it is a product that nobody has released yet but many are asking for. This would be a win win scenario for both Razer and their loyal customers.
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  4. AlexCorax

    AlexCorax New Member

    I am looking forward to Goliathus extended chroma v2 and Base Station v3 chroma to come out
  5. XoEdge

    XoEdge New Member

    Please do an Trackball for player like who have just logitech for choice please do that just one mouse trackball please like logitech MX Ergo please
  6. p1l0t3

    p1l0t3 Active Member

    Deathadder Supermini. Smaller than the mini.
  7. wont-sight3

    wont-sight3 New Member

    Headphones that have representative icons (instead of just color bands) near the jacks to represent which one is the microphone jack and which one is the headphone jack as to make it easier to install but also to reduce the chance of damaging female audio jacks.
  8. CryptSINISTER

    CryptSINISTER New Member


    INKTANK New Member

    Hello Razer. I would like to see Synapse retain custom profiles for peripherals when Windows is locked, or at least allow us to choose which default profile is used when Synapse isn't running. I understand that you've designed Synapse to be 100% software-based instead of relying on hardware, but there has to be a way around this problem that MANY Razer customers experience. Maybe you could have a part of Synapse run as a Windows service?
  10. No more logins for Gods Sake - its my equipement after all I paid loads for it and it always should stay UNLOCKED and accessible to me at ALL times without exception
    FYI I have the DeathAdder_E. and Cynosa and Ive logged the issue waiting for the response But I just have to shout n roar abouit it because it really got my goat
  11. I would like to see the Razer Manticor revived. There aren't any metal pads in the market right now. However want to see it at a larger size around
    • Size: 500x400x3 mm / 50x40x0.3 cm / 19.7×15.7×0.12 in
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  12. and now my mouses wheel is gone dammit
  13. BorniPL

    BorniPL New Member

    Please allow users to disable Hypershift shortcuts (Huntsman Mini).

    In Polish we have alt+z for ż and it's dangerously close to fn+z for Sleep.
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  14. Dino89

    Dino89 Member

    Hi Razer, please take a look on issues with Kraken v3 PRO headset, it has been almost 4 months already without any update or fix. Either FW update or some recall event needs to be done.
    Major issues with volume imbalance when volume control wheel is between 50-75% and infinite charging issue which is destroying batteries and is even dangerous as it can catch a fire (li-ion). Along with other SW based issues with synapse software, but those major ones needs to be fixed asap.
  15. TW3NTY2

    TW3NTY2 New Member

    Full sized board with optical linears and a wired detachable USB-c cable. Love the hunstman line, but hate that I can not switch from a full sized to a 60% without pulling a new cable...
  16. Derick239

    Derick239 New Member

    It would be great if you could make a mac downloadable version for Synapse 3.0.
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  17. Takamisakari

    Takamisakari New Member

    It's time for a new controller!

    I think the next one will be for Playstation, but I would prefer that they make an all-in-one-controller, which is compatible for all systems (PC, PS, XB and maybe Switch too). At least the left stick and d-pad must be swappable. It would be better to have a full modularity (all input elements), but this unfortunately will remain a dream.

    But what they should improve:
    • additional buttons at the bottom side should be near to the back side, so that you can play comfortable with 2 fingers (index and middle) at the back¹ (bumper and trigger) and the both other fingers (ring and little) at the bottom buttons/paddles
    • use fully mechanical buttons ... the semi-mechanical buttons have the rubberdomes as disadvantage, because they can break ... it's much more important to have long life buttons (especially without modularity) than a smoother feeling
    • let PC players emulate keyboard keys instead only other keys of the controller ... because of the dumb XInput limitation to have an alternative way for a full set of native buttons
    • optional rumble moduls (many players don't need rumble)
    • optional wireless modul (many players want to play without cable (for sure, it's the casual fraction, but they also are/could be customers))

    ¹ play with 2 fingers on the back (bumper and trigger) - This is the most natural handling, but no controller is optimized for it. To play with just 1 finger on the back is one of the dumbest mysteries that I'll never understand.
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  18. kelzipan

    kelzipan New Member

    Would love for Mercury wireless 10-key keyboard to allow a function lock/toggle on the keyboard itself. On some HP laptops, you can press Shift+Fn to lock the function keys. I can't install Synapse on my work computer. If I can program on my home PC and it will save on the keyboard itself, that would also work if possible. I have to use the function keys as their original usage for various software and not as multimedia keys. I love that it is wireless and connects to more than 1 device. The yellow switches are silent enough. Please consider this. Based on Amazon reviews, I think more people would be willing to buy this for work if the function keys could be toggled without having to remap in Synapse. Thanks for considering!
  19. Create a new Naga Pro mouse, and add Hyperscroll with the Smart-Reel features you have on the Basilisk V3... It'd be the ultimate mouse with literally zero competition to speak of

    Does anybody at Razer know if this is in the works? If so, when can I buy 10 of these?

    DEADSKULLZ31 New Member

    The custom phone cases you guys have are great, but could you add some custom cases for the iPhone 13’s? Like the 13, 13 pro, and 13 pro max.
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