What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Omgstfu

    Omgstfu New Member

    I like the Monitor idea! I'll go for 2pcs 21" or 24" depends on the budget!
  2. Mr.Reese

    Mr.Reese New Member

    Razer is known for being slim yet powerful. So I'd say a slim external GPU dock with pcie x16 connectivity for the blade would be awesome.

    KOXOXOK Member

    You need a really good 2.1 speaker... not a sound bar but 2 speakers with a huge base.. like Razer Mako
  4. pNguyencong

    pNguyencong New Member

    Razer has always been known for peripherals, that's a very big deal when it comes to PC gaming. I do agree with many of the other members on having your own gaming monitor because I would definitely invest in one if it's a good bang for the buck.
  5. easyDarkCyanJADE430

    easyDarkCyanJADE430 New Member

    We have all peripherals in PC for Razer , except Monitor ~ Razer , please designed an awesome Monitor... Whole desktop is Razered except Monitor.....
  6. Ikaros18

    Ikaros18 New Member

    A 4k 60Hz IPS Monitor
  7. fenabuco

    fenabuco New Member

    The Nabu X, Project Christine and OSVR. But I can't say exactly, only the Razr . But surely, many great products, which stunned, as the Forge TV at CES 2015 !!!
  8. Zeniith

    Zeniith Member

    A razer monitor will be good to make a whole razer computer system mouse keyboards etc!
  9. MadaraRazer

    MadaraRazer New Member

    Project Christine !!!!

    RAZER! YOU GUYS HONESTLY NEED TO STAY WITH THIS PROJECT AND GET THIS TO THE COMPUTER MARKET!! there are soo many fans and enthusiast, and gamers that would love to see this come to life and be a reality since i seen this at CES 2014 IT HAS NEVER LEFT MY MIND, it gets me excited to even think about the day this comes on the PC gaming market,

    this will hit the market and gamers and razer fans all over the world will order there will be back orders after the first 24 hours guaranteed

    love all your projects and keep winning awards at CES!!
  10. DarthGodlike

    DarthGodlike New Member

    Would love to see the Blade in Europe, and also I miss a Razer 4K monitor ;)
  11. armedsoulreaper

    armedsoulreaper New Member

    wireless earbuds would be great and maybe a wireless controller for pc gaming and maybe a cool mp3 player with a razor logo on it.
  12. somanydynamos

    somanydynamos New Member

    In-game items that you can get with purchase of Razer products
  13. somanydynamos

    somanydynamos New Member

    And also, I'd totally dig a new monitor!
  14. Razer Monitor. Then it would be awesome.
  15. all ur keyboard with usb and mic connector !!!!!! esspecially for blackwidow tournament edition. all gamer would love that
  16. Clessiah

    Clessiah New Member

    I like Kabuto. I really wish there is a bigger version of Kabuto.

    Also, a bigger Orochi. It seems to be the only Bluetooth mouse which also has the capability to connect through USB. I know people who are not completely satisfied with Orochi because of its size but still got it anyway due to its unique functionalities. It isn't really fair for them.
  17. amosoma

    amosoma New Member

    perhaps a upgrade to the razer edge with direct support for wacom stylus'.
  18. A surround headset that works with optical audio.
    The Xbox One Kraken as it is now was a step in the wrong direction.
  19. Dreadx4Di

    Dreadx4Di New Member

    Where's my lovely Christine?
  20. s0tcrates

    s0tcrates New Member

    Would be cool to have a matching Razer wrist rest for my blackwidow. Maybe some kind of cable management tools or LED light systems.
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