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What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Flaxbuzztoday676

    Flaxbuzztoday676 New Member

    i am in for an awesome pc case
  2. Robiski

    Robiski Member

    Razer BW Chroma Stealthed DE Layout
  3. Starscrream

    Starscrream New Member

    I said it somewhere else, I'll say it again! Razer needs monitors, people WILL buy them.
  4. Ghost2688

    Ghost2688 Member

  5. Rammynox

    Rammynox New Member

    i think a gaming chair would be awesome! like a member said, with speakers and so on
  6. ToxicSquirrelX

    ToxicSquirrelX New Member

    Yes monitors please
  7. boiledfrog

    boiledfrog New Member

    Monitors and phones
  8. anukto

    anukto New Member

    Heart Rate detection with Nebu
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  9. anukto

    anukto New Member

    Oh and integration of Nebu monitoring data with existing EHRs or health apps.
  10. joshp1111

    joshp1111 Member

    This razer gaming chair sounds awesome.
  11. Merehumes

    Merehumes New Member

    a razer smartphone would be cool
  12. Dupester6743

    Dupester6743 New Member

    Has Razer thought about getting into the Tablet market?
  13. Candynips

    Candynips New Member

    I think that desktop upgrades to your version that you currently have would be incrediable nice to have.
  14. Kirito18

    Kirito18 New Member

    I'd like to see more vr action.
  15. Iskandawr

    Iskandawr New Member

    i think Razer should try mobile. anything awesome, smartphone, devices, some new technology etc
  16. I second a Razor smartphone
  17. Tavest

    Tavest New Member

    A small desktop which you can attach to your regular desktop where you can see extra informations (FPS, Ping etc.)
  18. QuietusCyn

    QuietusCyn New Member

    At this point, I think monitors are all that's left. But monitors lately getting to be bound soon by the type of video card you have (nVidia for Gsync, AMD for FreeSync). Maybe they should make a universal one that syncs frame refresh regardless of video card.
  19. TheElusiveWiener

    TheElusiveWiener New Member

    Id love to see a smart watch based more on phone utility as apposed to how the nabu and nabu x are more fitness based.
  20. NrFive

    NrFive New Member

    Pretty much this. My current pc gaming rig is getting "old" and I'm looking towards a system I can easily manage and upgrade, since my wife wants to switch her PC for an iMac.
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