Whenever I join a Discord call, all of my Razer peripherals freeze

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by BRICKS1226, Aug 25, 2020.

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  1. BRICKS1226

    BRICKS1226 New Member

    So I just got the RGB Headset Stand + Razer Kraken Ultimate two days ago and ever since then things have been going wrong...Whenever I try to play games while talking in discord all of the sudden all of my peripherals (Razer Mamaba TE, Hunstman Elite, Firefly, Nommo) all freeze and cease to function. My only option from there is forcefully shutting down my PC with the power button. This ONLY happens on Discord, I tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling but nothing has worked. I have my headset plugged into my stand and I have tried to move the stand's USB port around but the same problem happens...
  2. ssipster

    ssipster Member

    Simplify and try to isolate the conditions further - you've already gone through the trouble of uninstalling / reinstalling everything, that seems like quite a bit of time spent..

    Try removing the stand from the equation entirely - does that make a difference?
    If not, unplug and remove the Nommo - same question?

    Also, your description of the issue with Discord and games lacks a substantial amount of specificity that could help narrow the scope of potential problems.

    Does this happen when answering Discord calls, or placing them? Or during already active calls?
    Does it happen while the game is running only, or also while no games are running?
    What game(s)?

    What headset were you using before the new Kraken Ultimate? Does using that headset again (without changing anything else) result in the same experienced problems?

    How consistently are you able to reproduce this? Your message hints at a feeling that it happens every single time, but you didn't make that directly clear, so I'm uncertain.

    In any case, I'm running most of the same Razer periphs as you, on Discord constantly, never had this happen before. That's anecdotal though, and not meant to gloat - I just wanted to mention it to give hope that you can find out what's causing this, get it resolved, and enjoy your gaming without any more tech gremlins. :cool_:
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