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WiFi disconncets no matter what!

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by XxHYPERIONxX, Jun 14, 2019.

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    XxHYPERIONxX New Member

    Hi guys, so recently i have purchased a RAZER PHONE 2 and after just using it for like 4-5 days i have noticed when it connects to a wifi network(both metered like TD-LTE or normal ones) after a few seconds(not a fixed time frame, sometimes it dosent disconnect for 20-30 minutes but even when if it stay connected to the networks quality of the conncetion feels very poor and ping latency often gets too high) wifi connection drops out and then connects back automatically after another few seconds which is a real pain in the 4SS cause i mostly play online games on it.

    So that being said, i was wondering if any of you guys (Razer's actual representatives or any body else) wouldwcome up with a solution forfthis major issue since i couldn't find anything useful about it online except that there are other people with the exact same issue over here,amazon and Reddit.

    I should note that the 5Ghz band on the hotspot section seems not working cause every time i try to put it manually on 5Ghz it just doesn't turn on and work at all and i have to change it later to 2.4 Ghz to use the hotspot.

    Aside that it also has some other hardware related issues like minor but persistent graphical glitches with 120Hz refresh rate on some games, Chroma app misbehaving and randomly lighting up anda... which is hard to get along with when mixing up with wifi and hotspot issues.
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