Windows 10 Device Connect/Disconnect Sound Playing Repeatedly

Discussion in 'Systems' started by JayVee1984, Feb 10, 2019.

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  1. JayVee1984

    JayVee1984 New Member

    The title explains it. Here are the details:

    Blade Stealth 2019 model. When I first boot up, everything is fine. After a few minutes of use and being logged in to Windows 10 the device connect and disconnect sounds starts to play in a near loop for at least a few minutes (incredibly annoying). It seems to be magnified by moving the mouse or using the keyboard (both Logitech devices on the Unifying Receiver). However, neither device stops working or stutters during that time. If I open device manager, the list is refreshing over and over while this is occurring. Eventually, Windows either gets tired or the problem sorts itself out because it'll just stop.

    I have tried USBDeview and it has not revealed any USB devices that are connecting and disconnecting beyond the startup so I imagine it has to be something else. I have tried the Power Troubleshooter, which found no issues, and have researched the heck out of this on many forums and pages and not yet found anything that works.

    My ASUS external monitor is connected via USB-C (actually the TB3 port), the RBS Chroma Stand is connected via USB 3.0 and the Unifying Receiver and Nano Receiver (Mouse/Keyboard and Gamepad) are both connected to the stand. This problem occurred before adding the stand, however, so I don't think it is that.

    Any ideas?
  2. JayVee1984

    JayVee1984 New Member

    So I may have figured out the cause, but not the solution. The laptop also was shutting down almost to right where it was about to turn off and then that little green light would keep going on and off, keyboard wasn't lit and screen was off. So I decided to go old school and start disconnecting peripherals one at a time. The first one I tried was my Asus external monitor that I have connected via USBC to HDMI out of the Thunderbolt port.

    I shut down the laptop and IT SHUT DOWN ALL THE WAY!! Then I started it up and heard NONE of those pesky connect and disconnect sounds, NONE!! So that has identified the cause, through a couple of attempts now, neither the shutdown nor connect/disconnect loop resurfaced.

    To confirm, with the laptop booted up and logged in, I plugged in the external monitor and immediately windows starting making that silly noise again. I disconnected and it stopped. In the event viewer, I found the following:

    [DSPVLLDP]: CPPAPIHelper::GetConnectorIds: Unexpected connector type!

    So, although I have been out of the IT game for quite some time, this tells me that either the mode (USBC to HDMI), the Satechi cable itself, or something else related to that external monitor setup is not viable. I've ordered a USBC to Display Port cable to see if that helps. If not, I'm not sure what else I will be able to do at this point.

    Any other ideas?
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