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Blackwidow chroma v2 on I mac

  • 2 February 2019
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got a new Razer blackwidow chorma v2 last week. I have a fairly new I Mac, ( bought earlier this fall and have OS 10.13.6) and wanted something I could use to play some blizzard games on, and just an over all decent keyboard. I had a Razer a few years ago and liked it so I thought I would get another one. It s a nice keyboard, but I am having problems with some of the function, in particular one i would use in playing games. Trying to escape out of the programs is difficult and most of the time I have to reset the computer. Also the screensaver stopped working when installed Synapse.
I can't see to find any good source of information for using these keyboards with a mac and would be willing to spend some time to customize the settings and was hoping there was someone out there that had already done some of this work. I get the sense that there isn't really a lot of support for Mac users, not that we represent a big portion of the business, however, i would suggest there are probably quite a few that would be willing to fork over some hard earned cash for a truly compatible Razer....
Any suggestion? if not, I am afraid this ones going back to the store before the return period is up..

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I have BlackWidow Chroma v1. It is working on my MacBook Pro perfectly (running Sierra). Check this old thread here - /blackwidow-chroma-v2-for-mac.27864/official And here's a blog post and a discussion in comments on ChipWreck - Razer BlackWidow keyboard with Mac OS X.
I guess the info may help.
I think razer keyboards are meant for windows, if your looking for a mac keyboard I think you should look else where