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Bugs on analog switches in synapse

  • 17 November 2023
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I've been using Huntsman analog keyboards for a long time.

I also bought Huntsman v3 and am using it

Analog switch specific bugs in synapse3


For example, when you press and hold the key, there is a delay between the first and second inputs

First press input upstroke delay when applying rapid trigger (same as v2 and v3)

When you press many keys at once quickly and several times, there is a delay in key input, and the previous ones are entered after a while

There are bugs related to delays, such as delays at specific input values.

Most of these bugs disappear when synapse3 are terminated.

So you can say that you can use it by terminating synapses

There is a problem that synapse-related functions such as macros or chroma and etc... cannot be used

These bugs are occurring only for keyboards that use analog switches, making it inconvenient to use.

I know that a lot of people, not just me, are inquiring about these issues, but it's one of the problems that hasn't been fixed yet.

I thought Huntsman v3 would be different from v2, but I still have the same issue and I think it's a bug in synapses because it disappears when I shut down synapses.

Can we expect these problems to be fixed  ? 

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