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Change RBG color without Synapse on BlackWidow v3

  • 27 February 2023
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Can i save my keyboard profiles on a PC with Synapse and use them on another PC without Synapse? Because i can‘t download Synapse on the PC at work. 

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You would need Synapse 3 on the 2nd PC as far as I know.  Obviously not an option, sooo...Good luck!

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You can save your keybinds into onboard memory, then you can it on other PC without Synapse.

Be aware, that not all things can be stored into onboard memory (for eg. chroma profiles).



I just bought a pink blackwidow quartz keyboard from someone second hand. When I plug mine in it does the RGB but doesnt give me the option to customize how I want the RGB to flow. Much like the other person who uses their keyboard for work I do as well. The ITS department at the school I work at tried to download the Synapse 3 but for some reason there was always an error message at the end of the download and so I too am looking for a way to enjoy the many rgb options on my keyboard. Also, for whatever reason when I try to use the Fn key with any other keys it makes my whole keyboard go black with the exception of the F9-F12 keys. I do not understand why this may be happening. Can someone give me some insight? Thank you.