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FPS issues after Razer Cynosa Chroma Membrane

  • 9 December 2019
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Hello, I bought recentlyRazer Cynosa Chroma Membrane keyboard. everything is fine it's working great and rgbs is really good. But i noticed something I had stable frame rates and constant 60fps from my recent games. Warhammer vermintade 2, RDR2, Star Wars battlefront 2. I don't even play highest settings at all. High is fine to me. Anyway, after installing ryzen synapse 3 beta or iCUE (from corsair aio cooler) software, i didn't figure it out for now, I installed these same day, My gaming fps is dropping dramatic scenes. It is not stable 60fps and dropping below to 60. What should i do for this ? I'm monitoring with MSI afterburner. temps are fine, clock speeds still same.

My specs:
ryzen 2700x
rtx 2070
16gb DDR4 3200mhz ram

What i have tried so far:

Uninstalled Razer synapse, icue
unplugged razer keyboard and tried older keyboard
reinstalled nvidia driver

nothing changed still having issues with FPS drop.

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Firstly play in highest fps and try lower some other settings if possible
second if it is not your computer go on Razer synapse 3 and get rid of gaming mode and unfortunately your settings for it but you can keep the lights
also go to settings devices Razer cynosa chroma and press reinstall drivers this may fix it even if the problem is not your computer I'm sorry if this does not help but I tried