*Help with finding pudding key caps that are compatible with Razer X Chroma green switches.* | Razer Insider

*Help with finding pudding key caps that are compatible with Razer X Chroma green switches.*

  • 18 September 2023
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I'm having a hard time finding pudding key caps for my Razer X Chroma keyboard I was wondering if I could get some help on finding good quality pudding key caps for this keyboard as I would like to have more RGB shine through the keyboard. I’m looking to replace all my keycaps with pudding key caps if that is possible.

I made the mistake of purchasing Tecware pudding key caps that didn't fit onto my board as the switches couldn't fit in the mold of the keycaps for Tecware caps as they were designed for MX-style switches.


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You can go with Razer Phantom keycap set - maybe it’s not pudding, but also giving nice effect: https://www.razer.com/eu-en/gaming/keyboards/accessories/razer-phantom-keycap-upgrade-set

Thank you but I’m looking for pudding key caps 

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Any MX compatible will fit your keyboard, but with BW X Chroma there will be problem with bottom row, which is non standard size (CTRL, ALT, WIN, Spacebar etc).

You can try with this set from Aliexpress it has all required keys so it’ll fit BW X Chroma without issue.

Alright thank you so your saying these keycaps you linked should fit without issues? I found them on amazon as well the exact ones you linked and they have a circular X on the back side of the key caps should I focus on the shape of the back of the key caps to much? I just worry that the ones you linked wont fit on my keyboard as they look similar to the Tecware key caps that I got when it comes to the back of the key caps shape being circular. 


Image of the back of the key caps of the pudding key caps you linked me.




Tecware back side of key caps











Razer Black Widow X Chroma Key cap comparison to Tecware back side.



Just wanted to share what the switches look like and what the board looks like.















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It doesn’t matter if it’s circular or “+” shape as older razer keycaps. Both are compatible with Cherry MX style. Maybe something is wrong with the Tecware mold - dunno, never had them.

I still have older keyboard - BlackWidow V2 Chroma which uses the same mechanical switches (pre-box style switch), and never had problem even with the cheapest available keycaps.

Alright thank you for the assistance I went ahead and purchased the pudding key caps you linked me I’ll let you know if they work when they arrive!























Alright the key caps that you recommended came in the mail today and they look beautiful the caps fit my board and they look and feel nice!!! 


Thank you so much for the help I really appreciate it ^w^