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Hunstman Elite Volume Wheel not accurate

  • 17 February 2021
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From day 1 on both my Hunstman Elite (Work and Home) the volume button is not accurate. I can try to move it up or down. Sometimes it moves 2 or 4 other times it just jumps up 30 points.

Sometimes as well if I'm in a game or just browsing around the internet the volume window in the upper left corner comes up and will start moving up and down. Sometimes it's a couple points, or just one time. Other times it will stay moving up or down till the volume is maxed or muted.

On both keyboards this is happening out of the box. I've updated Windows, and Synapse. I've reinstalled Synapse multiple times for other issues that have come up and it still does it as soon as I start using the volume knob again.

I did search around the site and found a couple other posts about this and it seems to be affecting multiple models and builds. Also all the posts I could find were closed which is why I'm starting another thread.

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I think it might be some encoder issue if this is happening.
Any improvement if you'll hold volume wheel with 2 fingers (pressing it down slightly), and changing volume?
Not really, maybe it's hard to tell. There isn't a lot of room to try and hold it down for stubby fingers lol. When I try it may not jump as much but the numbers still flip around all over the places, and the volume still just randomly starts going up and down.