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Huntsman mini ctrl started spamming repeatedly

  • 30 December 2023
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first, im sorry for my english i know its bad … 

so heres my problem.

I buy a Razer Huntman Mini Mercury white and i love it.

works really fine and dont have any problem until i activate in Lighting “Quick effects” or “Advanced effects” mode. technicly when RGB is on my Keyboard

when it active my left Ctrl is not workling really good. i press one time and the keybord register almost 6-7 times.

but only when any mode is on.

I try everything what this support site sad but nothing is changed. 

Synapse Update Done

Win11 Update Done 


but idk why when i try to update the Huntman Firmware the intall find my Keyboard but the installer sad “you already have the latest update” but in the website i see Firmware v1.32.00 r2 but

but the istaller sad i have Device version 1.12.00

so i this is the problem ? How can i update this if the installer not let me or this is the latest version ?

and one more thing

when i use Sypapse and i click in the settings (right up corner) and i go Firmware i only see my Mice  but i dont see my Keyboard idk why…


Once again im sorry for my english!

Thanks !!

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