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Kana keycaps for JIS Huntsman Elite?

  • 28 February 2019
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Hey! I want to purchase the JIS layout of the Huntsman Elite, but it doesn't come with kana keycaps and I can't find anywhere that sells them.(It's hard enough to find keycaps that fit normal Razer keyboards, let alone the JIS version) The closest I can find are the ones on this Cooler Master keyboard https://apac.coolermaster.com/jp/peripheral/keyboards/masterkeys-mk750/ but alas, the bottom row doesn't align.(Corsair also sells keyboards with them in that layout, but I dislike the font.) I could replace only the character keys, but I'd prefer to have a matching set if possible.

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5 Replies

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Great question, i thought most japanese use nowaday romaji input, i know kana input is faster if you’re getting used to it, but there’s seemly more demerits than merits especially for laptops kana words placement may be very vary and user must getting used with that. Because I’m not native and never tried kana input (used only on flip phone age), i might be wrong, almost 6 years there, I use always romaji input to type japanese. Yes unfortunately from Blade Keyboard Layout that i know i didn’t see kana font like on my Vaio and Qosmio laptops, though those are made in Japan and for Japan Market concentrated product.
Yeah, most natives do use romaji input. I can actually touch-type kana input okay-ish(only ever tried on an ANSI-style keyboard though). I mostly want the JIS version for the ease of switching between modes as well as special characters(those I can't touch-type). Kana keycaps would just be nice for the reminder(and the aesthetics) - I could probably deal without, about as much as I could with blanks.
As a side note - only buying option is using a shopping service, right?
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As a side note - only buying option is using a shopping service, right?

Sorry didn’t get your point I’m not native english as well like from my avatar I’m not from earth:smile_: do you mean buying from Razer store Japan? I saw it was limited stock with Japanese layout, you can ask Tsukumo in Akihabara if they have any in store, if you can contact them.
Ah - the issue is I live in America and Razer Store Japan ships to Japan only. I checked Amazon JP as well - they don't have any.