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Merry Christmas :) Also got my Huntsman TE Keyboard

  • 25 December 2019
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Merry Christmas everybody :)

I also got my Huntsman Tournament Edition keyboard. It just arrived now and I am typing on it right now.

I must say I am very impressed from the build quality, keycaps and the smoothness of the switches.. Well done Razer. This is a very nice keyboard indeed.

But unfortunately, since the activation point of the red linears are too high, I am making lots of typos 🙂 Hope I get used to it soon because it's a very enjoyable keyboard to type on.

I find it a little bit loud to type on but still it's better than what I expected.

Oh by the way: I got the ISO layout version and I also must say that keys with stabilizers are also super smooth, grats Razer on that too.

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Merry Christmas! I hope you continue to enjoy your new Huntsman TE 😉.