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Orbweaver question

  • 24 January 2020
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Hi total newb here I just got the orbweaver how do I program it to use say key 20 for 2 different functions using the alt button on the orbweaver to change say slot 20 to the secondary spell thanks

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3 Replies

someone out there has to know how to do this...
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As far as I know - you can't.
Synapse 2.0 software doesn't have Hypershift function, which allows one key to bind this function, then it enables a "2nd layer" of keybindings - it's only available in Synapse 3.
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Actually you can do that on Razer synapse 2.0. Change a button assignment to switch keymap. Keep function as switch and assign the keymap you want. Tick the box that says Switch back to the previous keymap when this button is released. I hope orbweavers get razer synapse 3 soon cause I have a basilisk and i'm tired of having r2 and r3. I have a keyboard from a different brand, so i basically have a software for each device 😞.