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Ornata V2 Megnetic Wrist Rest

  • 24 April 2024
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I have an ornata v2 and it came with a very comfortable wrist rest. I am struggling to find the wrist rest anywhere online, on amazon, or on the razor store, i was wondering if there was any similar product that was also magnetic and as comfortable, or any way to get this wrist rest.

3 Replies

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Unfortunately not possible to buy it separately.

You can only buy different ones but neither of them have magnets: https://www.razer.com/shop/keyboards/gaming-keyboards-accessories?query=:newest:category:keyboards-accessories:keyboards-accessory-shop-by:Wrist%2BRests

@FiszPL Thank you so much for the fast reply. Good to know I wasn’t blind and it wasn’t there. Are there any wrist rests that are similar that you would recommend?

I have the same issue, I have two Ornata keyboards and both work great but have extremely worn wrist rests. I am very disappointed and confused by the idea that Razer does not offer a replacement without the keyboard! I work using an electric sit/stand desk and other wrist guards always get out of place when going from a siting poster to standing and back. I guess we could try the non magnetic one they sell but the lack of the mag lock is keeping me from trying it out.