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Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro - wireless 2.4ghz mode not working

  • 20 November 2022
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I've just purchased the BW V3 Pro and cannot for the life of me get the 2.4ghz wireless mode on the keyboard to work. I have tried the following.

- Followed Razer instructions on 2.4ghz setup

- Downloaded most recent firmware updated and both keyboard and dongle are running most recent versions

- Downloaded and run both the pairing utility and the hyperspeed dongle pairing utility - both worked and confirmed device had been paired, however when I unplug the keyboard from wired connection then flick the switch to 2.4 the keyboard goes dead (all RGB turns off) and there is the audible windows device disconnect tone. The dongle appears to still remain connected.

- Uninstalled Synapse (x2) and reinstalled (x2) - no change

- Explored in the windows device pages covering keyboard drivers and all (when checked) say most recent drivers are installed.

I have tried to connect via bluetooth on another device - this worked, however when trying wireless mode the keyboard immediately goes dead when I turn the switch from off to 2.4ghz.

I'm at a loss really as can't seem to get feedback from Razer hence posting in here to see if anyone else has experienced this or found a fix. Or of course it is just a faulty keyboard.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)


2 Replies

I've a same problem .... Look my video ..

I solved my problem. Try to press a key when you're in wireless and create a new profile quickly on Razer Synapse 3.