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Razer Huntsman onboard memory profiles (Linux setup)

  • 16 February 2021
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I bought my Razer Huntsman 01.06.2020. I installed Razer Synapse 3.0 on Windows, set up my 3 profiles, some basic lighting, uploaded it to the onboard memory and switched to Linux.
It worked perfectly for a long while. I was able to switch my profiles (under Linux with no Razer Synapse installed and no additional drivers). I know that it says in Razer Synapse that profile switching requires Razer Synapse to work, but it worked for me without it. I also had my simple light profiles stored and they worked flowlessly. I have recently plugged it into a Widows PC again, installed Razer Synaspe (newest version) and almost cried when I realized that they broke all of that functionality!!!

My F1-F12 keys no longer change colors when switching profiles even with Synapse installed. I am unable to switch profiles when there is no Synapse (for example when I use Linux - 99% of the time) and the lighting profiles aren't stored(even the simple ones)...

RAZER why did you have to break this for me??? :'(

My question is 1. Is there a somewhat easy way to downgrade Razer Synapse? I counld't find any older versions on Razer's site.
2. If so, will that work? Or was the onboard firmware updated and I have to build myself an ergodox, sell the Razer Huntsman?

Is there a somewhat easy way to downgrade Razer Synapse to a version that doesnt break my keyboarb?

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Not possible to downgrade Synapse.
Onboard memory doesn't store Chroma settings unfortunatelly.

You can try OpenRazer project, but not all settings would be available: https://openrazer.github.io/
Thanks FiszPL,

I am aware that openrazer exists, however I have never used it, because while allowing me to change the lighting it doesn't allow for setting macros to normal keys(only to M1,M2... ones) and it actually used to override my onboard macros with an empty/default keyboard layout.

This is why I relied on Synapse under Windows to set my profiles and store them in the onboard memory.

Also I have noticed that it says in Synapse that Chroma profiles can't be stored on device. I was taking about Quick Effects, whoch supposedly are storable in onboard memory, but that doesn't wor for me...
In case that someone finds this I found out that:
1. You can still store and switch profiles with Fn+Menu keys (without Synapse; simply mapping profile switch to another key doesn't work)
2. Combination of OpenRazer linked above with key-mapper works great too!