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Razer Huntsman Swapping Onboard Memory Profiles (Linux setup)

  • 3 April 2022
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Well I apparently don't have permission to reply to this thread /how-to-activate-on-board-profile-for-key-customization-without-synapse.64002/#post-643670 but wanted to post in it since nobody ever marked the thread solved and I haven't seen the solution anywhere else (at least that's been reasonably indexed by google. It's not even a hard problem but I figure if I post this here then in 6 months when I forget what the heck I did to hotswap maybe I'll have this post to look back at.

Ultimately it's really simple and maybe that's the reason there aren't any posts where people have replied with the "solution" as it were. But I even looked at the docs a bit and couldn't find the answer I was looking for.

Configuring your Hunstman in Windows: You have to use Windows to configure the layout. The good news is this part should be straightforward, there's only one way to do it and it should be possible with usb passthrough in a Windows vm if you don't want to dualboot). Click the memory chip icon which will expand a panel with a list of onboard profiles. Make sure you drag the saved profile into the onboard memory slots at the top.

Swapping profiles in Linux: I'm not sure why this part was so hard to find - Literally just hold down the function key and press any of the number keys 1-4. Profit. I kind of stumbled onto this without testing too thoroughly in windows. But it's possible that fn is the default hypershift key and 1-4 are the default profile macros? I use caps-lock for hypershift since that's what I'm used to on my jok3r and a few other keyboards close in size to the hunstman mini. In which case. Its even simpler, in your config just make sure you know what key combo you've bound the behavior to!

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