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Razer Razer Ornata V3 X Poor Quality

  • 10 March 2024
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 Incident Reference # 240305-001266 - I purchased a Razer Ornata V3 X keyboard in December 2023. My keyboard is just over 90 days old presently. I do not game with the keyboard. My PC is used for photoshop / lightroom primarily. The keys A, E, S, D, T, R. F. C, Shift are all suffering from paint / coating loss on the keys, some of them quite severely. The quality is truly disgusting in fact i have had many keyboards over the years and never had this happen before. Razer support admitted in the first interaction with them that the item was faulty and need replacing, and they admitted I should. expect better. Since then, they have done everything possible to avoid replacing the keyboard including having a different representative respond to my complaint each time. Now before they consider sending a replacement they want me to remove all serial numbers from this device, then cut the USB cable and send them pictures of the destruction. Which I hasten to add may not meet their standards (they have standards? really) I have no other keyboard!! what am I supposed to do in the meantime? I truly regret ever spending my money on a razer product and I see having read internet forums that your quality is famous for being so poor and absolute rubbish. Can you please send me a replacement keyboard. If you want the defective item destroyed I will return to you to do with as you wish. I would add that I am legally entitled to a replacement, refund or repair so please i am asking nothing more than your company to comply with the law and stand by your product.

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