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Razor tartarus v2 analog stick auto running

  • 28 January 2020
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Keeps auto running every 2 mins and destroys my gameplay experience.

This is problem happening to alot of people. And there is no fix because it's the hard ware apparently.

Anyone got any idea?

I have a 2 year warranty I'm thinking of using it until my azeron keypad gets here. And then taking it back for a refund.

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3 Replies

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@Jaison420 Is this still the case? If so, which games are affected, and how does the Tartarus V2 appear on your Device Manager? Please shoot me a PM so I can help you out.
16 days late for tech support.

No need for pm I found a solution on my own.

The solution is the razor synapse has a bug. So I don't run the synapse software. I uninstalled it. And downloaded a few free key remappers and remapped the one button I needed remapped. And I have not had a single issue yet. I have videos of this. I am going to make a YouTube video on the issue.

This has been on threads for over a year and razor has not fixed the simple software issue which is just pathetic. I'm in Australia and my mobile number is 0481987030. I'd love a call from razor so we can fix this for poor people going through this and myself who cannot use razor software because they have not done anything to fix issue.

Download free key remappers and disable/uninstall synapse and razor software. And good luck.

I figured this workaround out just before I went to return it. I'm glad I found a way as I love using this for fortnite and will never go back to a normal keyboard.

Razor needs to bring out a full 360 stick also because the only one out there is the azeron.

Get cracking !!
Give me a ring some one from razor I hate typing