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Tartarus Pro Razer Linear Optical Switch

  • 9 December 2019
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Does anyone know if the keypad has 1mm or 1.5mm of activation?

I do know that we can modify second function actuation from 1.5 to 3.6mm, but I just do want to know if the keyswitches have similar actuation as the Razer Huntsman, since both devices use Razer Linear Optical Switch?

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6 Replies

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Nobody? 😞
Guess if they share the switches and Synapse software they also share the same problems.
Would only recommend to buy it with a good return option.
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I have contacted razer about the second function actuation issue, apparently it seems to me that they're not aware about the issue. Don't think this is the right place to complain and make feedback, so make sure you actually contact them.
Please let me know where is the right place to complain when they seem to ignore you (and all the others) and then finally censor you ?
What I want to know is, have they improved the thumb D-Pad with the Pro, over the V2's?
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Depends what you expect from them. Like if you expect it to be analogic it's a no 😜 I know most of you guys would want an analogic one over the 8-way thingy, but I honestly prefer it to be 8-way, so I can for example bind ZQSD on it directly, or even weapon slots!
It would be nice if one day they make it so we can switch between analogic and 8-way, guess that would be too complicated to do. Or make room to put 2 different thumbsticks, one is 8-way, the other analogic, like the Azeron.
Or even better, release 2 version of the keypad, one that comes with analogic stick, and one that has 8-way stick.

Anyways I'm glad the stick gotten bigger than Orbweaver's, it's good for avoiding misclicks. And to top it off, it's modular so we can use the bi-directional arrows under it. Kudos for that.