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Tartarus V2: D-pad switches failing

  • 10 September 2021
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Did the Synapse 3 software correct the V2 D-pad problem? I use a third party software with no problems. The sticking problem is software related.

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I think it's a hardware defect. I owned the Tartarus V1, Orbweaver and now Tartarus V2. I hit Rank#1 in the world in a game named spellbreak and top ranks in other games using these devices. I go very hard on the dpad and every single device broke the EXACT same way in nearly the same timeline per device. Ironically right now my device is in RMA and I'm waiting for the replacement.

Stage1: Input drops occasionally and notice slightly less click/feel when inputting right strafe.
Stage2: Input drops constantly unless you JAM the button down as hard as possible [which still drops inputs, like in naraka i cant sprint then try to sprint right, it will have a window of no input before activating the right input which will drop the spring action i perform], almost no click/feel with inputting strafe.
Stage3: Input no longer functions at all no matter what. [this happened to my orbweaver which is sitting in my room, it ran out of warranty and i was forced to buy this razer tartarus].