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Advanced Mouse Acceleration Settings

  • 30 May 2022
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Hello everyone,
I want Advanced Mouse Acceleration settings in Razer Synapse.

Some about me, I'm a gamer (obviously) who's first game was the ping pong game on Win95 and a long time Call of Duty player since 2005.

My first mouse that felt like a body part and not like a mouse, was the Razer DeathAdder Re-Spawn, after it broke I started to looking for other better mice, now I came back home, owning a weight modded DeathAdder V2 Pro, love it.

Now, I always disabled Mouse Acceleration in windows because it's actually bad. But after looking a little more into it and watching youtube videos, I saw some pretty complex programs to adjust mouse acceleration precisely. I always was against mouse acceleration but this changed my mind and it's crazy. So it was possible for me to be able to flick heads and perfectly track enemies. I always played very low sens because many players do hide and camp between objects that have very small gaps. I'm talking about extremely small gaps where it's barely possible to flick on them. But with mouse acceleration that lowers the sens on pretty slow (aim adjusting) movement, it's possible to do crazy flicks and still be able to aim on very long ranges where precision is needed.

So it could be a new meta, and as Razer, you always have some new stuff up your sleeves and this could be it.
It takes like 1-2 days to get used to it but then it's just crazy aim.

I'm using this here and I would like it to be a "in driver thing" instead of a third party.

So please give it a thought and lets have a talk maybe?

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