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Any way to set mouse to NOT cycle colours when plugged into machine with no razer s/w?

  • 26 November 2021
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i.e. something to change the firmware so it doesn't do an annoying light show

By default I'd prefer it to simply turn off all the lights, so if someone has to borrow the mouse they don't have to
endure the unicorn vomit

Even when I'm rebooting I have to suffer the silly lights until the s/w kicks in.

This is all perfectly possible (I understand microcontrollers), just a question of whether razer, or someone else has done this already.

I'm guessing its a no, I just don't understand why Razer would not allow something so simple.

Pity the firmware isn't open source.

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This is something that I also don't understand.
I like my Basilisk and Synapse is fine when I need to change some settings.
But I don't want it running all the time and I also don't like that cycling rainbow colors when I plug the mice on another PC (that doesn't have Synapse installed of course).

The memory inside the mice can definitely handle all the settings without the need to have Synapse running.
My 7+ y.o. Roccat mice did... So I'd be very interested in a solution too.

Especially for the premium price that customers paid for their devices.
It's a shame because I really like the mice, but this issue alone is a HUGE disappointment.
Making the Razer Blade keyboard lights stay on or off when the computer goes into sleep mode can be easily adjusted by using Synapse.
For Razer Synapse 3:
1. Open Razer Synapse 3.
2. Click “KEYBOARD” tab on the top menu and select “LIGHTING”.
3. Under “SWITCH OFF LIGHTING”, you can click on “When display is turned off” to keep the lighting turned on or off when the Razer Blade goes to sleep mode.
For Razer Synapse 2.0:
1. Open Synapse 2.0.
2. Under the “SYSTEM” tab, select “POWER”.
3. Under “SWITCH OFF LIGHTING”, you can click on “When the display is turned off” to turn off the lighting when the computer goes to sleep. Leaving it unchecked will keep the lighting on.
To adjust the brightness of the keyboard for Synapse 3-enabled laptops:
1. Open Synapse 3.
2. Select the device and click on the “LIGHTING” tab.
3. Under “BRIGHTNESS”, adjust the slide bar to set your preferred shagle azar keyboard lighting brightness.
Thanks, but I said without the s/w. This is a question of the firmware on the mouse and its default behaviour.