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Basilisk Ultimate Wont Stay in Place on Dock

  • 9 February 2020
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Hey All Razer Fans,

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem as I have regarding the Basilisk Ultimate. When I first got it, the problem never happened, but lately, I find that my mouse is not charged when I use it the next day after leaving it on the dock before going to bed.

Turns out, after leaving the mouse on the dock, the charging light indicators lights up for a while, then after a few minutes, the mouse will slide down a tiny little bit causing the charging pins underneath to become misaligned. I have to slightly push the mouse upwards a little bit for the pins to align again. I'm suspecting that the magnet has somehow become weaker or something, resulting in the mouse moving itself due to gravity.
I only had the mouse for 37 days and it's already having this problem.

So wondering if anyone have any fix or should i return it and get a new one?

Thanks in advance! ^^

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I have the exact same problem lately. Got the mouse since end of December 2019.

For the last week or so, every morning, I found my mouse's battery drained to around 10-20% while on the charging dock. I already tried to make sure the mouse was sitting properly on the charging dock before going to bed. Usually the mouse would have around 40-60% battery left when I charge it, the breathing charging lights will come on after I turn the PC off (assuming it's charging).

It's super annoying, cause even when I re-position of the mouse in the morning, the mouse will not charge properly and remain at low battery when I get home from work. Now I either have to keep going back to re-position the mouse to make sure it charges, or put a wire on it. To be honest, given the price of this thing, you would think these kind of things would not happen.

If you could get a refund, do it. If you want to buy this product, think twice. Cause you'll spend more time getting this thing to work than actual gaming.
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Question for both of you:

Have you tried cleaning the dock and the bottom of the mouse? I had the same problem and turns out a lot of dust collected and got jammed up in the indentation where the dock sits and the fit wasn't snug. Cleaned out all the lint and everything was ok.