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Basilisk v3 diagonally

  • 7 May 2023
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So I just bought this mouse because it seems great for palm grip.


But using it now im kinda suprised. If I hold the mouse with a straight arm and drag it horisontaly to either side with my wrist it seems to track diagonaly a bit. So if I want it to go in a line I need to turn the mouse to the left bending my wrist with it. 

Since im used to a standard mouse this movement seems forced. Is there anyway to adjust this. Or could someone confirm if this is normal for all these mouse?

1 Reply

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I can’t say this is something I have noticed with mine. Just tried it with a ruler, if I move the mouse along the ruler it moves in a straight line.

Nothing snagging the cable? I recently started using a mouse bungee as my cable gave ever such a slight resistance when moving the mouse where it went down the back of my desk to the PC.

Have you tried another mouse mat/surface just in case the pattern is an issue with the sensor?

And finally, try resetting the profile.