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Brand New Deathadder V2 Left Click Not Working

  • 26 July 2020
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Hello, I just purchased a Deathadder V2 from Best Buy a few hours ago. I get home, plug it in, start playing a game of Overwatch. It works fine for 10 minutes. Then the left click only works if I press it SUPER hard. I am assuming this is a hardware issue, but I don't understand how it could possibly happen to a brand new mouse. Maybe I am missing something.


Plugging it into multiple USB ports
Restarting my PC
Uninstalling and reinstalling Synapse
Plugged in my old mouse and it works fine

Would like to know if there are any fixes for this (assuming it's NOT hardware) as it's a brand new mouse. If not I will be returning and maybe looking into a mouse that can handle more than 10 minutes of gaming. Thank you!

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2 Replies

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Get a replacement. Sh** happens.
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Yeah what Fisz said to do... go to the shop you bought it at n exchange it for another and see if the issue persists on the exchanged replacement unit, faulty stuff does get out now n then unfortunately

I had to do this with the Mamba Wireless 2018 model as the right clicker was not working properly on the original purchased unit