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Connecting 2 Razer Mouse Docks

  • 1 April 2021
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I am new here, and new to the gaming world of equipment. My son showed me some of your products and I loved them and have bought several. I started with a Viper Ultimate and just got a Basilisk Ultimate because I like having more color and the Basilisk has more places that have the RGB. I mainly work from home, and work 10 hour days so having a backup is nice. I get them both to connect to Synapse 3 however the 2 separate docks do not want to stay connected, and both will not show in Synapse. Is there ability to connect both docks for the mice or are you only able to have 1 dock connected and only one to sync with your lighting and effects? I didnt see any where that is discussed but apologize if it is a duplicate question. I thank you in advance for any help and guidance for an older newbie to RGB!

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Not possible to have manage 2 the same devices in Synapse.
The docks are using the same PID_VID combination, so synapse cannot recognise which one is which