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Death Adder Elite RZ01-0201

I have two Death Adder Elites and both of them have a jumpy scroll wheel that makes the scroll wheel almost unusable. Approximately 50% of the time when I scroll on a long page, the scroll function is completely unpredictable and I end up jumping all over the page. This makes scrolling untenable when trying to view large documents etc. It seems like this is a common problem (via reddit). Is there a resolution to the problem or how do I fix it?

I would appreciate any insigt

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I'd try first cleaning the scroll wheel encoder - you can try to clean it with compressed air, but it would not be as efficient, as "manual" cleaning (but it also requires mouse disassembly, so you'll loose your warranty if you still have).
I have cleaned them both, neither works correctly. I normally give everything a try, this may be a case of "if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck". Normally not how I see things because I am pretty brand loyal, but 2/2 faulty devices, 100% failure rate, disappointing.