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Deathadder Elite Right Click and Random Disconnect Problem

  • 30 May 2024
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Hi, I have a problem that when I hold down the right click, it’s too sensitive. It is a huge problem for Minecraft and FPS games. For Minecraft it can act as an autoclicker, in Valorant I have to press it really hard for the ADS and for FPS Games I have to find a sweet spot so it can be held.

The other problem is that when I try to flick, my mouse just randomly stops and disconnects like it’s nothing. The USB Cable is put-on correctly and is an other disadvantage for all games. For CS2 and Valorant it’s really problematic as I can’t move my mouse for a moment which is an disadvantage because it gives the enemy a free kill and can result into a clutch or ace failure.

1 Reply

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I would have to say that its on its way out the door sadly… just time to replace it as the newest version of the DeathAdders have a lot of upgrades done to it and now use all the fancy stuff that others models have :)