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Deathadder v3 8khz polling rate dropped to one in eight

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My Deathadder v3 wired version works fine,but once i reboot my pc,the polling rate dropped to 1/8.(At the same time, a garbled device is detected )

8000hz ——> 1000hz   4000hz ——> 500hz

1000hz ——> 125hz     125hz——> 15or16hz…..

I need to reconnect it,then the problem temporarily solved before next reboot. 

USB Powersave mode off

Bios USB PowerShare off 


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Similar problem here mouse is perfect in every way i am just trying to set up 8k polling rate but with no luck yet btw i use to own the deathadderv3 pro but i replaced it with the lamzu and this wired version with bunge is much better but the only issue is the 8k 

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Hey man did u ever find a solution to this issue? having a similar issue

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Hey man did u ever find a solution to this issue? having a similar issue

Someone changed usb port and solves, you can try it.But it didn’t work for me.

exact same issue That Post Creator gave infos on.. it might be a software issue maybe on Synapse?  

A new mouse has just been bought, connected to a completely clean Windows OS, polling rate 125Hz, restarting the PC does not help ... How to solve this problem?


I tried to install Synapse v3 - the result is the same, but now if I poke and plug the wire into the USB again - the polling rate is 1000Hz, and if I restart the PC - I see 125Hz again on the desktop and in games .. ...I'm very upset, apparently this is a marriage  ....

Any luck? Same problem for me! Upvoting for more visibility!

Hi guys, I’ve got the same issue, I just bought a brand new DeathAdder v3 and I have a bug that :

125hz is 16hz

500hz is 60hz

1000hz is 125hz

2000hz is 250hz

4000hz is 500hz

8000hz is 1000hz

I mean, what’s wrong with this mouse ? I did unplug and replug it and it solves the issue, but when I boot, hz are low.


So, I contacted Razer support and they told me to ask for a return with Amazon. I asked them if this issue was widespread or it was only an issue with some mice. Looks like a firmware update won’t fix it, they haven’t mention it. I think I’m going to send it back to Amazon and buy a new one, if it still occurs, I don’t know what to do. I’m a little bit disappointed because I already put corepad grips on it and I have to rebuy some again.

Bumping the thread, got the same problem with mine. Judging by the time this topic was created and still no firmware i’d better return it, which is a shame, because the mouse itself is lovely.

Alright, trying once more, my previous post got deleted when I mentioned another mouse brand.


For a workaround to this problem:


Install synapse, set the polling rate to 8000hz and reboot your computer, your mouse should now have dropped down to 1000hz ( check here:


Now you can choose if you want to continue with Synapse installed or not, your mouse will stay at 1000hz provided you are among those who are experiencing this issue.


If you reconnect your mouse to a different USB port it may bump up to 8k hz again, but a reboot will set it back down to 1000hz.



Not quite sure what is going on with this, but the mouse was working perfectly on my older PC with USB 2.0 ports, with the new PC the slowest USB ports are all 3.1.

It was also working great testing on both a laptop and an even older computer, perhaps a firmware update might be able to adress this .

I noticed I have the same issue if I connect the mouse through my USB 3.0 hub that has switch functionality for two PC’s. Reconnecting the mouse enables correct polling rate and rebooting revets back to one eight. Mouse connected directly to my PC’s works also correctly at 8 kHz

I tried another USB 3.0 hub and found out 8 Khz actually works fine with it. Next I tried to chain USB hubs together and 8 kHz still works after rebooting.

Computer → USB hub with the switch → another USB hub → Mouse = success!

On the Razer Deathadder wired there is 4 on-board memory profiles, these are empty at the start.


Trick is to go into synapse, make a profile, name it and set values as desired.

Right on the top where it says the name of your profile, the dropdown menu where you can select between any and all profiles you have made, to the right of it there is a small icon, looks like a sim card for phones.

Click on it and to the right there will appear the empty profiles of the razer mouse, below those you will see the name of your own recently made profiles, all you have to do is drag your profile to one of the empty slots.


Doing this the mouse now has 1000hz polling rate without synapse installed and it keeps all settings after reboot and connecting the mouse between different computers.

I feel like this is something that would have been very helpful if specified with the mouse in a quick-install guide or something.

i have same problem 

this is firmware, same on viper 8k, my new haste 2 not have that issue because my mouse work in usb 2.0 mode (high speed). 1000/8000hz.

reason of this problem: 

if you set 1000hz in razer mouse all works perfect because mouse work in usb 1.1 mode (fullspeed), but if you set 8000hz mouse work only in usb 2.0 (that not issue, that normal), but after restart pc mouse start work in usb 1.1 mode (but you set 8000hz) and mice work only in 1000hz when you set 8000hz.

how to fix? 

replug or restart mouse.

use only usb 3.0 ports

Thanks razer for that issue, nice to resolve this.

i dont buy that products anymore.

just buy normal 8000hz mice, guys


i did not apply to that in my case. When I rebooted, it still dropped as 125 even at 1000hz

i did not apply to that in my case. When I rebooted, it still dropped as 125 even at 1000hz

download usbtreeviewer and check it

same issue,fix this pls.

Same issue here with my DeathadderV3 and UGreen USB hub/switcher. Temporarily I directly connected my mouse to PC thus defeating the purpose of KVM switch.



Just bought a new Deathadder v3 with 8000hz pollingrate. 

Seems like I have same problem as you guys in here...

Can only get it to 4000hz polling rate. 
Cant luanch Razers pollingrate tester (Wont start, tried download it few times still same)
So tested few online and it stops at 4000hz, and after reboot it sets to 1000hz sometimes (in synapz its 8000hz still) So have to unplug and plug in again and it goes to 4000hz... not 8000hz.
Is the any other good testers out there?

Pc spec:

Intel i7 13700k 
Asus Prime z790-p wifi
Corsair ddr5 6200mhz 
Asus dual RTX 3060ti 

(Had Deathadder elite before worked good)


Anyone solved this issue ??

Had the same problem, I upgraded to windows 11 and now its fixed.

Same issue with Viper 8khz

I got new one deathadder v3 and i have 1/8 polling rate problem. Im on windows 11 with that patch for high poling rate mouse. Im geting max of 1000hz pooling rate when mouse is set to 8000hz. After repluging to another port im getting around 3khz but after reboot im getting 1khz max. Anyone solved this definitelly?

Th’ere is no edit post option. So sorry post under post. When it not be solved by any firmware update / patch or driver update i never buy razer mouse again (this is not my first razer mouse but may be last one).

ı just realised I have the same issue. It is interesting this was not resolved for 7 months.