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Deathadder V3 Pro scroll button issue

  • 1 June 2023
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I have recently purchased Deathadder V3 Pro together with the Hyperpolling dongle. Can’t complain about the battery life as it lasts longer than expected and also like the shape and have no issue with the grip.

My problem is related to the scroll button. I have it set up as double click with turbo enabled. This works as intended when e.g. using with semi auto weapons. The scroll wheel doesn’t wobble, but when I even slightly prod it sideways from the left side, it basically clicks as if I were pressing from top. From the right mouse button, it doesn’t do it, but from the left, I constantly find myself getting double clicks. This happens especially often in fps like Warzone.

Could you guys confirm whether it is normal for this mouse to press the scroll button as if it were a side scroll button or you it is more solid in your mouse. If I got a bad model, I will RMA it asap as it really kills the fun. Never had such an issue with my old G502. 

4 Replies

Happens to me as well, I am sure it’s a design flaw, with the scroll wheel being to high or large in diameter.

However, Razer Support sayd my mouse is not functioning as intended and they want to RMA it, but I am not sure I want that, I mean, I am sure the new one will do the same.

I have received a new mouse this week and even though it is not perfect, the click isn’t as sensitive as the first one. I guess this is just a lottery. I am happy enough with replacement that I won’t bother replacing it. 

I got a replacement a few days ago as well, but did not yet open it. I am quite sure it’s not much different, though, and I will get used to it.

This is very normal, since the scroll's switch is on the right, when you press the right wheel to the right, every mouse presses the switch.