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Essentail Trouble w/selecting Text in PDF Docs in Firefox & Reader

  • 13 April 2021
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I just replaced my Razer Abyssus with a Razer Essential. It took me about two minutes to discover a problem. I tried chatting with "professional" support agents, but all the ones I talked to were completely stupid idiots.

I've been using computers since 1979, and back then, if we saw a mouse, we called an exterminator! Shells weren't on computers; they were on beaches. Everything was done in primitive operating systems using only keyboards. We've come a long way since then, and I've gotten pretty good at fixing my own problems...and recognizing when I could use some help.

The new Razer Essential seems to be incapable of selecting text blocks of PDF documents when viewed in Mozilla Firefox (fully updated 64-bit version 87.0) or in Genius PDF 2.0 (publisher hasn't released an update in years, doesn't need to, as it's a very, very simple application). My Razer Abyssus had no such problem (I replaced it because it's pretty beat up; the feet wore off and it's cracked from the stress of so much clicking), yet the "rocket surgeons" at Razer's chat support insist there's something wrong with Firefox or my reader. The ONLY new factor in this failure-to-select issue IS the new mouse. There's not a damned thing wrong with either Firefox 87 nor Genius PDF 2.0.

Something in the driver code of the Razer Essential is a problem in PDF documents in limited and specific instances. There isn't any problem with Adobe Acrobat DC, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. The guys who wrote the driver did not test it in Firefox, nor did they try it with Genius PDF 2.0—and that's okay—with Genius PDF 2.0—but failing to test it with PDF documents in Firefox is unforgivable. Whatever flaw is in that code that make the deficiency obvious while viewing PDF documents in Firefox is exactly what makes it problematic in Genius PDF 2.0.

I have one suggestion for the developers, and given that hundreds of thousands of people have been using Firefox as their default browser for at least fifteen years, I don't think that it's an unreasonable one: Test the Razer Essential by using Firefox to view PDF documents...and fix the only flaw I've been able to find. It's actually a very significant flaw. Every time I need to select, copy, and paste text blocks from PDF documents into other environments and formats, I have to put aside my go-to default of over ten years (and Firefox) and use a different application. I shouldn't have to.

I haven't even addressed a HUGE years-old problem with my Razer Cynosa keyboard. I'll give you a clue: The flaw isn't in the software. You know how (expert typists and data entry specialists, pay heed!) when you look at your keyboard just to the left of your Shift key, there's the Forward Slash/Question Mark key, and the Question Mark is on the top, and the Forward Slash is on the bottom, meaning that if you want to enter a Question Mark, you have to depress the Shift key first? Well, every damned such key on my keyboard is friggin' backwards! You want to know why I haven't gotten a different keyboard, or a refund? Because I can actually type! I don't have to look at each key before I strike it.

Now, this is a monumentally huge and obvious flaw for keyboard design. But, because I can type, because I already know when to hit Shift first, I haven't bothered to raise a stink. One "rocket surgeon" chat support specialist tried to talk to me like I was an idiot and tell me the reason I couldn't select text blocks in PDF documents was because (now get this!) "PDF documents are actually image files." No, they are NOT; their MIME content is not that of a stand image file. Portable Document Format. The MIME content is more Document than Image.

It's a small problem. It wouldn't take much for the developers to fix it. But, fer Christ's sake, "support" staff—stop blaming the users! Especially ones who have actually taught Computer Science.

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