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Firmware update for Razer Lancehead Wireless Mice.Install it

  • 4 March 2019
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Hi, this firmware is very good for Mice. Charging optimization is very good. When you turn off your computer or put your computer to sleep, the mouse automatically goes into sleep mode and turns off its light. It also automatically turns off its lights when you connect it to the cable for charging. Please install.

But this firmware is compatible with Windows 8.1.Some versions of Windows 10 are not compatible with the firmware. Firmware Installation may not be completed. However, the firmware update is fully compatible with Windows 8.1. Please do not be afraid if an error occurs while installing the firmware update. Try reinstalling.
Download LINK

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8 Replies

hello good I have this wonderful mouse but with window 10 and I can not update any solution thanks
The firmware update is fully compatible with Windows 8.1
ok it is a delay no one uses window 8.1 I will continue with the g900 first mouse
I am also using the Windows 10, doesn't have support with the WiFi using this windows. Any solutions?
Hello, good, I could not update and I sold the mouse to a friend, now I have razer mamba 2019 and g900 de caule, I debate why
I ran through my enterprise Windows Defender ATP scan it's clean.

Also to provide a review to this update.

WOW, how did they not just push this to everyone via Synapse?! It's a night and day difference and it feels like my G502 Wireless and G900 Wireless now. There is no longer any lift off movement on the mouse. No matter what I did to calibrate it before it wouldn't have any effect. The sensor tracking is now also smoother or more responsive; something that I would always cause me to switch to my Logitech mice when I was playing in a tournament. It's like a whole new sensor. Which is a great segue into that I think this "New Razer Lancehead" is really just this 1.02 firmware update, especially since there is no site update, store update, or announcement here in the insider forums or public press release.
Hello, good, now I have the mouse borrowed and I got a g900 I could not update the firmware is much the difference? tranks
You actually inspired me to see if there was a firmware update for the Lancehead TE and it turned out that there was one available. I put up my own PSA advising of that update so that others here can find it.