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Goliathus control or speed?

  • 19 February 2019
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Hello, i was looking for a new mouse pad and i'm going to buy a goliathus. I play mainly fps like Overwatch and Battlefield at pretty low sens (35cm for a 360), now i'm using a deathadder elite at 800 dpi and a qck+. What do you recommend me, speed or control?

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It's hard to tell - buy an speed version or buy a control version - if it's possible - try to test it somewhere in shop.
Speed version will be a big improvement over QcK in terms of quality & speed (less friction). On the other side - control version is rough, and will have more friction than QcK.

From my side - I'd recommend the Speed version (more universal).
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I'm on Control and I love it but I play mostly shooter games.
Thanks for replies, in the end i bought the speed version and i think it fits my style, considering i move the mouse a lot it helps when doing large movements, but it has that bit of friction and the mouse doesn't fly away, very useful for precise long shots!