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Help me Choose a Mouse

  • 21 March 2020
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The subject is the title. I'm trying to choose between the Viper Mini, Viper, and DeathAdder Elite. The main thing that's holding me back is the prices because I only make $20 every time I mow the lawn (I'm a teen). I'd like assistance with choosing from people who have used each mouse. If it helps I mainly play RTS(Starcraft II), MMO(WoW Classic), FPS(Roblox though, so nothing matters there), and occasionally MOBA(HotS). I tend to use a claw grip and am right-handed. Budget isn't an issue; the cost only affects time.

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3 Replies

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It really boils down to your preference for heavy or light mice, and whether or not you want something that's ambidextrous or not.

If you like heavy and/or non-ambidextrous mice, out of the three, your mouse of choice would be the DeathAdder Elite.
If you prefer lighter mice, I'd recommend the Viper over the Viper Mini. With the Viper, you get two extra programmable buttons that would be great for MMOs.

Curious about the Viper? Here's a behind the scenes look into how it was engineered.
The thing is, the cost makes it difficult to get in a reasonable amount of time, especially with the large amount of rain where I live. Plus, I'm not big enough on MMO's to need the extra buttons in most situations, although the Naga Trinity panel would be useful. Speaking of which, I forgot to mention that I also am taking into consideration the Naga Trinity, mainly for MMO and MOBA panels. In a perfect world, I'd have the budget for dedicated mice for each genre.

I found a Viper for $40 at e-bay, so it's the one I'm going with.
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I found a Viper for $40 at e-bay, so it's the one I'm going with.

Viper is a great choice!