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HELP! - Where to buy DPI Clutch (switch) for Basilisk?

  • 12 June 2020
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unfortunately iam not able to find the DPI Clutch of my Basilisk. Iam running the "standrd" Basilisk, not the V2, not the Essential.

Searched quiet a lot but havent found any store/shop to buy this little switch.
I´ve also called Razer Support, but because of corona etc they havent any parts for my basilisk in stock at the moment.

Second question: Does the DPI Clutch of the V2 and/or Essential fit with my model or has any model its own dimensions?

anyone who doesnt need the Swtich and could send it to me?

Thanks a lot!

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Does this work? I've only got a Basilisk Ultimate with me, but the DPI clutches all look pretty similar.