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Hyperspeed and multi-device support for RVU

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When the Blackwidow V3 Pro et al were launched, it was mentioned that multi-device support for the dongles was coming to other Hyperspeed devices soon, and this feature has been one of my key requirements.

With the launch of the Blackwidow Mini V3 and Orochi V2, which now both seem to be included in the Hyperspeed multi-device family, is there any chance we could expect that the Viper Ultimate may join the team? I'd love to pull the trigger on the Blackwidow Mini V3 as my 'travel' keyboard (replacing a G915 TKL), and then use my Mercury RVU on the same dongle. One dongle to rule them all, so to speak.

Any chance we could expect the multi-device family to include some of the other, premium products?

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It's a good question which many will have. Especially with today's launch of the Blackwidow V3 mini and introduction of multi device pairing using a single dongle.

We'll have to wait and see if Razer can make the previous wireless devices like Viper Ultimate as well added to the compatibility list of the new single dongle feature.
I have a viper, and multi-device support would be great.