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Keys double inputting

  • 14 April 2020
  • 2 replies

I have a razer huntsman and on only the i key it double inputs when pressed fully once when pressing and once when releasing. If you press it lightly so the key doesn’t bottom out it will only I put once like it should. No other keys seem to have this problem and it’s not a setting I changed or a matter of tapping the key too slowly or quickly.

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2 Replies

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could you have accidentally remapped it? it just happened to me a moment ago. went in to synapse to investigate and fixed it. what happened was i need to close the synapse app in order to test the new key(s), otherwise it thought i was still remapping and that's what caused the crazy actions
No it seems to be a mechanical issue, I can push and hold and it won’t spam the key like if I hold it it won’t go iiiiiiiiiii, it will just type i once then when I let go it will type it again, is it a bad switch? Can the optical mechanical switch in the huntsman be replaced?