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Mamba Elite

  • 9 June 2024
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Hello my Mamba Elite was working all the times fine. I was for few minutes away from the pc and when i come back the leds are off. First i was thinking somethings happens with synapse but also the mouse cursor disappears and now its not working anymore. Hope someone could help me. Also trying other usb ports.

1 Reply

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Razer discontinued the Mamba Mice line for a good reason about 3-4 years ago… basically too many issues plaguing them and tough to iron them all out to make them better per iteration/generation.

I owned some of the Mamba mice and they all had troubles except for the Chroma Wireless model that came in a tin box (good luck finding these for sale, and if you do... the price is much higher than most new models that succeeded it on shelf brand new today).

You really can’t go wrong with the DeathAdder V3 or Cobra Pro right now if looking for a new mouse to replace the Mamba with as they’re both really good. Razer doesn’t even really provide support for the Mamba mice anymore due to the fact that they discontinued the Mamba line altogether.