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Mamba Elite Side Grips = Too Slippery

  • 4 April 2019
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The Mamba Elite is my first Razer product. I absolutely love it, with a large caveat. The side grips are horrible. I'm not a 'sweaty' player or person, but these side grips are slippery, to a degree that has me questioning my purchase. I'd rather just have the sides the same textured plastic as the rest of the mouse.

Anyone else have this slippery side grip issue and/or have any fixes?

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5 Replies

I just got a Mamba Wireless, which i suppose has the same side grip with the Elite version. They don't feel slippery too me. Did you try cleaning them maybe they have something on them and that'w why they are slippery.
pictures from amazon and razer show different side grips from the wireless compared to the elite's.
the wireless has those stripes running from side to side and the elite only has a kind of dither-y pattern which looks quite slippery indeed.
Yeah you are right they have different side grips and i wasn't aware of that. I am sorry for giving "false" info. They do seem slippery from the photos. I hope someone who has it comes to help.
I got the razer mamba elite as well. loving the RGB and the shape of the mouse but I think I got the same issues with you, the side grip is very slippery. I am considering of getting another mouse instead of the elite now.
I sometime cut electrical tape to fit the side grips. Works well, but the amazing shape of this mouse is utterly ruined by the slippery grips.