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mic issue with

  • 6 July 2023
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Hello I’m a new razer user and I really need help, so I got this new razer headset and I really like it although I realized that it has an issue with the mic where it picks up all of the audio that comes through the speakers and no its not because the mic is close to the speakers, i really want to find a solution because I can’t afford to buy a new headset I’ve been saving for months just to get this headset and I also got motivated to buy it because all of the good reviews I read, and also i can’t refund because now im out of country, and im also extremely sad and I got depressed a couple of times because, my friends won’t play with me and they always mute me claiming that I have echo and they call me disturbing things, please help me, this issue stayed with me for weeks now and im playing solo every single time and im really really really sad, please help me please RAZER I’m begging you. 
Razer black shark v2


Thank you 

Best regards : Ama


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