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Mouse not detected

I have a Deathadder Chroma.. and its not detected by your crappy synapse 3 software.
You have put me to a whole process of deleting everything, uninstalling everything.. the whole shebang!

Still its not detected.. at all.!

I think you need to fix your software, its not my task to fix this problem, you have enough smart ppl there that can write the software, so they defo are smart enough to let the software detect a frikkin mouse.

I paid money for your product and so i demand a fix asap for my problems.. as stated by eu law.

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Deathadder Chroma is not compatible with Synapse 3. Please install Synapse 2.
Ok then i want my Razer cynosa chroma working on synapse 2

Its just a bunch of bullshit.. why would synapse 3 not be compatible with my razer mouse?
Completely insane.. they better make it work!...Fast

This whole software solution seems to be written by some amateur kid who could not get it to work and thus just left it as it is.. its one big frikkin drama software.

Razer should be ashamed for itself by stating to deliver top notch products, but CANT EVEN SUPPORT THEIR OWN SHIT!!


I will never buy anything ever again.. and also will spread the word that nobody should buy this crap.. because it is crap...sorry!.. it is truth.

Or you fix this now...

And after all the shit i had to go trough with your deleting this.. and deleting that.. synapse is not detecting my mouse anymore as well..
What a sad display to provide such bogus software.. feels like a scam too..
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Well since you demanded it I guess they just have to drop everything and do it right now. 😂

Remember that the Chroma is 5 years old at this point, and the Elite is 3 years old which is supported by Synapse 3. Old products can't be on par with current products forever, and the Chroma is still supported by Synapse 2. You can't sync them, but otherwise having both Synapse' running works fine. You're a couple years late to spread the word so I don't think anyone will be interested since they can just go to and see all the products for it.
I dont care if its 5 years old.. its still being sold in shops globally.
So if someone decided to buy a 2019 keyboard.. and gets a nice deal on a 5 year old mouse.. new from shop.. than that person will have huge problems.

Besides all that.. bought a new gaming keyboard from another brand.. used a 6 year old gaming mouse from the same brand... and it works right away.. no all..on newly released software.

So if they can do it.. Razer can too.. but they dont want to support it in Synapse 3.. cause you have to buy the newest stuff.. while my 5 year old gaming mouse is still working as intended.. and i want to use it in combination with a new keyboard..

And then.. for the price you pay for this gear. damn.. synapse should support everything.. without a hassle.. its a scam.. 100%

Both Synapse software at the sime time.. is not working.. it will not detect your mouse anymore..
To fix all the problems without the new keyboard, i had to put my pc a few days back.. read forums, reddit and youtube...see how many users are complaining about all these issues.

Buy gaming gear from the other big brand.. and you will see how easily that works out of the box.. and how they support ALL their hardware.. at least from the last 10 years

but if they dont fix it.. i will mail shops about this.. cause the shop i got it from.. could not even tell if it works in combination with new hardware.. gg Razer!