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Naga, Trinity and Pro Suggestions Thread!

  • 31 July 2021
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I have been using the Naga line now for years, and I have a few suggestions and improvements for Razer.

So I started years ago with the Naga with the fixed 6 button panel. I then moved to the Naga Trinity Wired, then the Trinity Pro Wireless (current mouse).

Out of all these mice, I have only had one problem, the circular 7 button panel's #4 button stopped working in about 8 months, since there was no way to replace it, I bought another mouse just for the panel...which was cringe !!

I now use the circular panel from the wired trinity on the Pro wireless, as I do not like the inline 6 button panel that comes with the this is where I have most of my advice for Razer.

The original Naga was actually my favourite. This is because the buttons where bigger, still not optimally placed, but they were big, very responsive and they lasted for YEARS.

The Trinity's circular 7 button panel, was ok, but the buttons are too small, VERY unresponsive for FPS quick gaming, and it is very tough to hit the smaller buttons, especially the #5 and #7 for me...most of the time I do not even map the #5 or #7 so I do not click it with my big dumb thumbs when I try to hit #6...more on this below.

The Pro's 6 button inline panel, I cannot not use at all, the placement if weird, not intuitive and suffers from the above, buttons are to small...i end up hitting two at the same time and they are unresponsive compared to the two button panel etc.

So with the above in mind, here is what the next Razer Trinity should do, whether fixed buttons or panels. I would prefer a fixed version again, but not a big deal. 1st the buttons should be more like the original Naga's buttons, large and with far better click travel and feel for responsiveness for MMO's and FPS style games. Speed 8K and low latency matters in all games these days. Also, the arrangement should change. Something closer to the original Nagas plus a hybrid of the new Pro's panels. Here is a rough drawing of what I mean...

Button one would be naturally closer to the end of the thumb, so the thumb can tap it with ease, #2 should be large and stick out the farthest, so it is easy to find, #3 is angled in a bit, but made so you can roll your thumb up to hit it, same goes for #4, #5 is meant to be hit the back of your thumb, and #6 would be very flush, and is meant to be hit by the back of your thumb, which is what I do right now with #6 on ALL the olders panels. Anyhow, that is just an example, but I think the buttons can be bigger, made like the original Naga's, and super easy to find/hit...

Well, not sure if anyone who engineers would see this, but I hope so!

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