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PC can't boot when Deathadder V2 is plugged in

  • 6 December 2021
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Just posting a solution here since it took quite a while to figure out what the problem was.

I just bought a Deathadder V2 mouse (november 2021) and my computer fails to boot.

The CPU gave a warning that it was overheating (which threw me off my troubleshooting). If I was able to enter bios I could just sit and watch the CPU temp rise quite fast.

I have a ASUS Z97 PRO which I then started troubleshooting (the Q-Code error says something about USB Hot Plug (b4)).

It seems that changing some values in the bios would make the computer boot - until next boot time where it would hang/freeze/warn me again.

I finally came to this forum where I found the solution.
Set USB initialization in BIOS to "full" instead of "partial".

(Solution for me was the same as the first post linked below)

I've updated the firmware on the mouse to the latest version (1.2) even though I can't see any release notes about this problem. I find it very odd a mouse could create so many problems and potentially overheat my CPU. I've had a Razorback for many years which I've enjoyed but I decided to switch after many many driver fails on Windows 10. Hopefully this boot problem can be fixed from Razors side or perhaps this can't be fixed due to my old hardware - but hopefully this (or the other posts) can help if they ever experience the same problem.

UPDATE: Apparently I didn't solved it for good and I haven't figured out why. The reset after fail boot mentioned in the first post does however work for me so that's my workaround so far.

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Thanks for posting a solution. I have this problem with a wired mouse on 2 computers. I'll try it out.
For anyone reading this thread. It is not drivers or USB boot settings. Vendor drivers don't activate until windows has loaded. They don't affect the booting process.
that happened to me too
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What CPU do you use and what model / architecture?

We have seen in the past a certain CPU architecture cause issues not only with RAZER peripherals, but also OS loading also.