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Problem with LOD/Synapse (Viper Wireless)

  • 20 October 2019
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So i installed some ceramic feet on the viper wireless which raise the LOD a bit (1-2mm if i had to guess) and the mouse works fine for the first 20-40 minutes then all of a sudden its stops tracking, I have to go into the settings and reset the LOD to 3mm to get it to start tracking again untill it doesnt and then i rinse and repeat.

I figure it has to be something in synapse because it works flawlessly for a while and then it just doesnt work at all after some time, I have unchecked and checked the auto calibration box to no avail.

Ive uninstalled the feet and hopefully its an issue that can get corrected with an update in the future because the ceramic feet are so much better than the stock feet (even though the stock feet are good).

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