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Problem with the Basilisk Ultimate dongle

Hello! I’ve had my Basilisk Ultimate for 2.5 years, and since last week I’ve been having problems with its dongle. When the mouse is connected through the cable it works just fine, but it doesn’t respond at all when connected with the dongle. I’ve tried update the drivers with the firmware installer, it says an update is required but the install goes to 40% and then goes back to the “an update is required” screen. I’ve also tried uninstalling the drivers and restarting my PC. Also all other steps on Lastly I’ve tried the razer pairing program, it says it cannot pair the dongle with the mouse. 

So, I’m thinking my dongle is simply dead. My warranty is expired, but I was wondering if you guys think buying a replacement dongle would work or if the problem is elsewhere?


Thanks in advance!



After playing around with it some more (mostly restarting/updating my laptop) the firmware installer now goes to 100% and then goes back to 40% and repeats this over and over again. Not exactly progress, but it’s something haha

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I have the exact same issue, and have also been playing around trying to fix this. My dongle originally broke when I upgraded the firmware a couple months ago, that time the update kept getting to 100% and then dropping back to 40%. This went on for 2 hours and I had to stop it some time so I killed it at a high 90%. After that, it wouldn’t detect any installed version and the updater got as far as 40% each time, then I heard a disconnect sound, the update hung for a few seconds and failed. I was just out of warranty when this happened.

I’ve wanted to get a replacement but those have been out of stock for the last 3 or 4 months…

Recently, I tried pulling the dongle out at about 30% as well. The first time I tried this the update continued fwhen I plugged the dongle back in and to my surprise it went all the way to 100% and I got a success screen. The dongle even functioned again perfectly. Unfortunately, the moment I restarted my machine the dongle reverted back to the same state; broken and with an unknown firmware version. I reproduced the fix twice but it doesn’t always work and it always breaks again when disconnected.

The firmware updater doesn’t log anywhere that I can see (I checked what  it touches through Procmon) so I have no idea what it’s failing on. Whenever it fails, I hear a disconnect sound whether it’s at 40% or 100%. Pairing tool fails as well. I don’t know if this is a hardware or a software issue but I’ve seen this reported a couple times and mostly off failed upgrades so it looks like a software issue. Is there any other tool for diagnosis besides the firmware updater and pairing tool?

Hello! I’ve had my Basilisk Ultimate for 2.5 years, and since last week I’ve been having problems with its dongle.


Got my Basilik Ultimate for less than 2 month and already got the “dongle issue”. My razer was working well all day long, i shut down py pro PC at the end of my day work without any troubles and several hours later, i tried to plug it on my gaming laptop but it was dead.

Im so disappointed with that. Im an old razer fan but its not acceptable to buy high end mouse and get that kind of issue 😡